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for over 17 years and 170+ classes taught
  1. Lorem ipsum text
  2. View source code in a browser
  3. HTML
    1. Tag and markup basics
  4. CSS
    1. Box Model
    2. CSS Basics
    3. The Cascade
  5. Image sources
    1. Creative Commons image search
    2. Tile-able backgrounds
  6. Images and color
    1. JPEG vs. GIF
    2. Additive Light (colored lights) vs. Subtractive Light (pigments)
    3. Color spectrum: hues by degrees - link to: Photoshop tips & tricks
  7. Browser comparisons & support
    1. Browser (layout engine) comparisons re: HTML5 - link to: Wikipedia
    2. HTML5 Browser Support Test - links to: HTML5 Test Site
    3. Browser comparisons in general, including market share, image format support, historical records - linked to: Wikipedia
  8. How to set TextEdit preferences to use plain text instead of rtf.
  9. Set your computer to view file extensions.
  10. My favorite Photoshop shortcut keys
I hate to brag, but you know I will...
I trained many of the people who worked on the following films that either won or were nominated for Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects. The training was done at multiple studio locations around the world, both in person (LA, India, Vancouver) and remotely (Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur). I also trained many of the Rhythm & Hues artists who worked on every film project there from 2002 through 2013.
Bill Westenhofer (left) and Erik DeBoer (right), both of Rhythm & Hues (my employer for 12 years), each won both the 2012 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and the 2012 British Academy Award for Special Visual Effects for their work (and the studio's) on Life of Pi. I'm in the middle and trained many of the artists who worked on it.
Bill Westenhofer, Dan Vaughan, Erik DeBoer
Ironically, as the photo above was being taken, bankruptcy lawyers were entering the building! Rhythm & Hues went bankrupt in early 2013, two weeks before winning the Academy Award!
Below, Bill Westenhofer (left) of Rhythm & Hues won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for The Golden Compass. I am on the right and trained several of the people who worked on it.
Bill Westenhofer and Dan Vaughan
Academy Nominations for visual effects that were received by Rhythm & Hues when I worked there:
  • 2005: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
  • 2012: Snowhite and the Huntsman.